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Advantages of Canine Bed Bug Detection

There are numerous signs you and bed bug exterminators in St. Louis, MO, can look for to determine the presence of bed bugs in your home. However, the beginning stages of an infestation can be more difficult to detect and can often go unnoticed by homeowners until the problem is more widespread. Fortunately, exterminators have begun using canine detection methods to positively identify the presence of bed bugs even in the earliest stages. Here are a few advantages of this method of bed bug detection you should know.

Early Detection

One of the reasons trained canines are able to find infestations so early is that they’re able to smell the presence of bed bugs at every life stage. That means they’re able to detect not only the bugs but the eggs as well. Eggs and nymphs can be very difficult to detect because they’re so small and can take significant training to identify. Exterminators are trained to identify these different stages of a bed bug’s life cycle; however, when a bed bug exterminator company in St. Louis, MO, utilizes canine detection they find even the smallest sign of bugs at any stage with nearly perfect accuracy.


Canine detection is one of the most accurate detection methods available. These dogs are screened for natural ability as well as for their drive and physical health before being trained in bed bug detection. They are then trained to find bed bugs in many different places, many of which are difficult for the most trained eye to see. The canines pick up the scent of the bed bugs inside the walls, in mattresses, bedding, and carpet. They’re as effective as dogs trained to sniff out bombs or drugs with a high percentage of accuracy.


These canines are also very fast in identifying the presence of bed bugs. They can search an entire room or home much more quickly than the time it takes to do a thorough visual inspection. This is especially advantageous for commercial settings or for those owning multiple rental properties.

Money Savings

Identifying an infestation in the early stages is crucial when considering the cost of remediating a bed bug problem. With canine detection, bed bug exterminators in St. Louis, MO, are able to quickly and effectively identify the extent of the infestation and provide the treatment necessary to eradicate the infestation quickly and affordably with less disruption to your life or business.

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