3 Fun Facts About Service Dogs

Service dogs are very important in today’s world, as they make it possible for people with disabilities to thrive. Those who are blind, hard of hearing or suffer from other debilitating physical or mental illnesses can benefit greatly from having a service dog by their side. In honor of every professional pooch that makes the world a better place for those in need with a service dog card, here are three fun things you should know about service dog certification!

Intense Training

Service dogs are not just any dogs. They are highly trained and educated animals who specialize in helping those with disabilities stay safe and secure in their daily lives. Without service dogs, it would be much harder for those who are deaf or blind to get around on their own. In many cases, these hard-working canines participate in hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of training that covers everything from basic obedience and manners to intermediate and advanced skills. In order to receive a service dog card, dogs need to go through specific task training for their placement, public access training, and more, depending on the unique needs of their human companions.

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

While labrador retrievers are some of the most common service dogs, any dog breed can be a certified service dog. In fact, service canines come in all shapes, sizes, breeds and colors. There are no requirements based on breed for dogs to qualify for service dog training. As long as a candidate canine has the proper temperament, a desire to learn and good health, they can undergo training. At the same time, the size of a service dog should match their assignment. Smaller service dogs, for example, shouldn’t be training as mobility dogs simply based on their sweet size.

 One of a Kind

Did you know there’s a National Service Dog Month? In September, these incredible animals are honored and recognized for their amazing efforts and abilities to learn and lead people through their daily lives in a safe and comfortable way. There aren’t many other animals out there that can do what service dogs do on a daily basis. In fact, the only other animal currently allowed to serve as an assistance animal in the United States is a miniature horse. Service dogs with a valid service dog card are amazing additions to households in which a person struggles with a physical or mental disability.

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