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A Home Improvement Surprise Guaranteed to Thrill

Do you like to surprise your husband or wife? If they’ll be at work for the day, or even away for an hour or two, you can do this quick and easy home improvement project of removing and installing a new kitchen or bathroom faucet.

Causally bring up how you’d like to see a new faucet in the kitchen or bathroom. Ideally, you can get their opinion on what style they like by looking at Pinterest with them or better yet, a home center website. Later at the website you can preorder and have it ready to pick up the day of the project. Once the faucet is at home, here’s what you need to do. And if need be, have the phone number handy for one of the Brisbane plumbers.

You got this. You’re not doing something difficult like replacing the sink. You’re just unbolting the old faucet and handles (depending the style you choose) and disconnecting the water lines. Then you are bolting down the new faucet and reconnecting the water lines.

#1 Step – Clear out the kitchen cabinet of dishwasher soap, cleaners, etc. You’re going to need to lay inside the cabinet and you’ll want plenty of room. Wipe down as well so you have a clean surface to work on.

#2 Step – Turn off the water supplies. Look for the flexible piping that runs up through the bottom of the cabinet floor to where it connects to the faucet. You’ll see knobs that control the flow of water. Turn these knobs, one for hot and the other for cold, all the way tight to the right. This shuts the water off.

#3 Step – Disconnect the water supply lines attached to the old faucet. While on your back look up to where the water lines connect to the old faucet. (You’ll want to use a flashlight.) With an adjustable wrench turn the nuts on both the hot and cold supply lines until you can remove the lines.

#4 Step – Disconnect the old faucet. While still on your back take your adjustable wrench and loosen and remove the bolt or bolts that hold down the old faucet and hot or cold knobs (depending on style).

#5 Step – Remove the old faucet. Now get out of the cabinet and standing at the sink lift the old faucet and handles up out of the countertop holes. You may want to take a minute and clean around the holes.

#6 Step – Insert the new faucet and/or handles down inside the holes on the countertop.

#7 Step – Now get under the cabinet. With the washers and nuts bolt down the new faucet and handles, but do not tighten, leave snug and with some play. You’ll want to make sure the faucet and handles are straight and pointing forward. Then go back down and tighten snuggly.

#8 Step – Now all you need to do is reconnect the water supply lines and you’re ready to impress your husband or wife with your handyman skills. And if all else fails, call one of the Brisbane plumbers if in a pinch.

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