Why Waxing Bikini Line, Yourself Is Not Recommended?

Bikini area is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Waxing this area can be painful for you. It can lead to bruises and tears. Besides it, there are a few more reasons why you should not get it done by yourself. If you are thinking of performing bikini line waxing, then you must check out this article.

Can tear your bikini area

Bikini line waxing can get you disastrous results.  According to a survey performed on women who have undergone waxing, has seen to injure them. Not every woman who performs DIY intimate waxing, do not possess sufficient knowledge and proficiency in performing it correctly.

This is a delicate task that requires a lot of care. It is better to leave it to professionals. These professionals are specially trained to perform the task efficiently. When you do it yourself you can cause tear in your skin. The labia can in turn tear very easily. So, to avoid discomfort associated with self-waxing, you must get assistance of wax center Arlington Heights.

Can cause you burn

With improper knowledge, people heat their DIY wax strip to make it hot so that it becomes more effective.  By applying these hot wax strips on their bikini line, they burn themselves. The strip comes off whereas the wax remains on the hair.

To get rid of it, they take a hot water bath so that wax starts to dissolve and come out quickly with the hair. On the contrary, it gets stick to the labia. Finally, to take off the wax, they had to scrape the wax from the hair by shaving it. So, both bruises and burns are the troubles that are caused to self-waxers who use at-home microwave kits.

Doesn’t give results

At-home waxing causes self-waxer annoying pimples on the skin due to folliculitis. Folliculitis is a skin condition that inflames the hair follicles. It is caused due to not maintaining adequate hygiene at the time of waxing.

Hygiene is very important before and during treatment. You need to ensure that your hands are completely clean. Follow the right aftercare measures. Relieve from activities like no gym, no steam room, no saunas, swimming, no sunbeds, sweating at least for one to two days from the date of treatment.

Self -waxers forget about trimming

Too much of trimming of hair can’t let the wax to get hold of hair and too less of trimming can make the situation painful.

Tips to perform bikini line waxing in the right way

  • By growing hair to the recommended length (1/4 inch) will give you the desired results.
  • Exfoliate your bikini area
  • Always moisturize once you exfoliate to prevent irritation in the sensitive skin
  • Wash up prior to your appointment
  • Manage the pain by taking deep breaths or take a pain reliever pill half an hour before getting the treatment performed on you


Due to all these reasons, DIY waxing is not recommended by professional waxing experts. To make the treatment safe and effective, it is recommended to always get it by a certified and specialized aesthetician.

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