How Do You Know Which Divorce Lawyer Is Right For you?

You have decided divorce is the best option, for a healthier and happier future. Next is to look for a suitable lawyer to represent you. They should be professionally strong and smart to get you through the proceedings smoothly. Also, they should be able to comprehend and sympathized your situation and reasons for your decision.

There are innumerable lawyers, who are listed in the yellow pages. You need to put some time and energy is sifting through them, to find your fit. With a proper criteria list and some guidance, you can zero down, experienced lawyers as provided by the law office of Amanda J Cook.

What kind of divorce you are into?

You have to decide the tone of your divorce. Will it be mediation, litigation, collaborative divorce or cooperative divorce? Each one has different degrees of paperwork to be done. Also, the preparation by the lawyer is different for each case.

The lawyer needs to do an intensive groundwork to get your due for asset settlement, child custody or alimony, if the divorce is under litigation. This is not required, in case of a cooperative divorce.

What kind of legal advice you need?

Divorce does not mean a few signatures on a few random papers. You might have a complicated and financial situation with companies, shares, hereditary property. Here, you need a firm, which has a strong knowledge of financial settlement procedures. If child custody is another issue then you need someone who has experience in it.

There are cases where, there are no assets to deal with or no children to worry about. Here, the case is simple. There will be a few of the straightforward paper works to be done with minimum consultations with your lawyer.

How much can you afford?

The intricacy of your case, decides the level of experience and previous winnings, required for your lawyer. The more successful the lawyer is, the more expensive. At the same time, it is not wise to spend an exorbitant fee for a straightforward divorce proceeding. It is entirely up to your discretion to choose a lawyer, who will fit your pocket and your requirements.

Do some research?

Word of mouth referrals are the best, especially, if you can get a referral from someone who has been through divorce. Do not get blown away by glitzy websites of lawyers or law firms on the net. You will have to enquire about their previous cases to know their success rate and demeanour to their clients.

Also, do not get carried away by the rating of lawyers by agencies. You need lawyers who are experienced in family law. Also, before you decide upon your lawyer, make sure you have met a couple of lawyers. You should have a rating system of your own.


The basic thumb rule is, trust your instincts. Choose a lawyer with whom you can have a empathetic conversation and who will hold your hands firmly, while you walk through one of the toughest situations in life. And, finally help you win your freedom and dignity back.

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