4 Dynamic Styles for Brazilian Wave Extensions

Bohyme brazilian wave extensions can completely transform your hairstyles. These thick, wavy locks can be added easily to your natural hair for more volume and more hair to work with when styling. Available from 10 to 22 inches, you have the ability to add both significant volume and length. With this enhancement, you can easily create all four of these dynamic styles.

Braided Bun

It is difficult for thin hair to be braided and then stay in the braids for long periods of time without help from hairspray and hairpins. These thin pieces of hair often slip right out, which can be frustrating. Thick hair, on the other hand, can be molded into complex braids that stay put. Adding extensions thickens your head of hair, helping to create a beautiful bun for everyday wear or a special event.

Long Locks

By simply adding brazilian wave extensions to your hair, you can create the style of long locks. You can leave your hair and extensions natural or add some large curls to create your long look. 22-inch extensions can instantly take your hair from a short, bob-cut to long and luxurious.  This hairstyle is so easy but so impressive thanks to quality extensions.

Top Knot

Top knots are all the rage and extensions make them much easier. Instead of a tiny, little bun on top of your head, extensions bulk up your top knot and the rest of your hair. You may not even have to tease your extensions, just pull them up and wrap them into a small or medium bun.

Side Part

Take your side part to the extreme and create a new hairstyle for any day of the week. Move your part over another inch or two, creating significantly more volume on one side of your head than the other. Due to the wave and volume of the extensions, you can easily create an asymmetric hairstyle. While one side lay flat, the other is full, bouncy, and full of life.

Whether you are headed to work or out for the night, extensions make every hairstyle better. Create a braided bun or top knot when you want your hair pulled back from your face. For a simpler look, leave the bohyme brazilian wave extensions alone, worn long and flowing or in a side part. Extensions help any look be more dynamic. The length and volume offered by extensions enhance simple styles and intricate updos.

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