3 Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Lowering living costs and expensive utility bills is a good priority for every homeowner. Here are three ways you can cut costs when it comes to energy in the home.


While the increase in prices for water in the past year has been one of the lowest in a nearly a decade, there are still some states where you will see costs steadily increasing every year. Three main ways to save water and energy are to use efficient appliances, reduce demand, and reuse/recycle.

  • Use Efficient Appliances (buy shower heads, laundry machines, faucets, and garden attachments that are efficient and less wasteful)
  • Reduce Demand (take shorter showers, turn off the water while brushing teeth or scrubbing hands, and choose plants for the garden that need less water)
  • Reuse/Recycle (catch rainwater to hydrate plants, use water captured by a dehumidifier to flush the toilet, and use a bucket in the shower to capture clean water for reuse.

An extra tip for gardeners is to water plants early in the morning. They will be less thirsty, and require less hydration.


Like the techniques for conserving water, lowering your gas bill can be broken down into the three categories listed above.

  • Use Efficient Appliances (use electric appliances, then you can use more efficient energy sources like solar power with a Fronius single phase hybrid inverter)
  • Reduce Demand (open curtains to let in natural warmth from the sun, and wear layers indoors so you do not set the temperature as high)
  • Reuse/Recycle (keep air vents unobstructed, and close doors and vents to rooms that are not used)

A high gas bill could be an indicator of poor insulation. Improving the insulation in the home will help significantly reduce gas and electric costs.


Like the above mentioned categories the opportunity to reduce power costs can follow the same three areas.

  • Use Efficient Appliances (choose solar powered options, use energy efficient laundry machines and light bulbs, and unplug devices when you do not use them)
  • Reduce Demand (use natural light, only run laundry machines and dishwashers when they are full, and dress comfortably in the home so you can keep the thermostat setting more neutral)
  • Reuse/Recycle (solar energy is one of the most reusable sources of energy, you should look into this option)

Using a solar powered system like one with a Fronius single phase hybrid inverter, can reduce your energy bills indefinitely.  

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