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The Basics of Buying a New or Used Computer

Are you looking for a new computer and have no idea what you need? Do you have trouble understanding what all the technical terms mean? Hopefully, the following will help you learn some of the basic terminology so you can figure out what kind of computer to get for your specific needs.

Does it matter what brand I get?

Not in most cases for basic users. Specific brands tend to be on the higher or lower end of the price scale, but for a basic user, it doesn’t matter as much. You could look for new or even what the best used HP laptops for sale are for example, and you should be able to find something that will suit you. You should also first know what some of the basic terminology means.

What does the processor do?

The processor is the so called “brain” of the computer, where most of the “thinking” is going on. You can basically know that the higher the processing speed, (MHz) and the higher number of cores it has, the faster the processor is. There’s also names that are specific to the company who makes them.

What is the Hard Drive? (HDD)

The hard drive is where all the files and programs are stored. This is where your computer saves it’s information. It can be a “mechanical” spinning disk, or also a “solid state,” where there is no moving parts. Solid state drives are usually faster than mechanical ones, but as of now, are normally more expensive and don’t hold as much information than a mechanical drive.

What is RAM?

RAM or Random Access Memory, is a set of microchips where the computer stores information only while it is turned on and running. The more RAM you have, the more programs or “apps” you can run at the same time. Also, having more RAM tends to help a computer run faster overall, because it doesn’t have to load things as often.

What is a Graphics Processor?

It’s basically what’s in the name. It’s a separate processor mainly for generating the graphics that go up on screen. These help with gaming, video and 3D graphics.

What is Video Memory?

Video memory is the RAM on the graphics processor, which is dedicated to what specifically goes on the screen. If you are a gamer or want to watch HD movies on your computer, it is better to have a higher amount of video memory.

This is a basic list of some of the terminology for buying a computer. If you don’t have the budget for a new computer, you could again, search for what theĀ best used HP laptops for sale are for example, and you should be able to find something you can use that will fit within your budget.

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