Information About Non-Woven Bag Types on The Basis of Its Cut Type and Form Factor

Non woven bags are generally used for carrying items like groceries and other stuff. They are mostly made of non fabric materials. Presently, they are available in biodegradable materials easily decomposable in the soil.

The fabrics are strong made of both staple and long fibers through chemical and mechanical process. They undergo solvent treatment before finally emerging as a well designed ever to use bag.

Why non woven fabrics are favored to make bags?

  • They are durable.
  • The bags can be washed and reused.
  • Usually preferred to be as a promotional marketing tool.
  • They are eco-friendly.

The types of non woven products are differentiated mainly in four diversions:

  • Spun bound: Usually, known as spun lace because the spun filaments are deposited in collection belt to uniformly bind all the fibers. This process helps in disabling the separation of the fibers, during the air stream process. The bonding even helps to make these fibers durable and enhance the fibers strength enough to endure heavy weight. Mostly this Sun bound materials are used in carpet back side, in geo textiles, in automobiles packing and to cover up products in hygiene maintenance area.


  • Air Laid: They are mainly the fabrics composed of wood pulp as it absorbent proportion is quite high. The materials are mixed with SAP to make it able to hold wet items. That is the reason it is known as dry paper non woven fabric. The air laying process is done to disperse the fibers to make a reinforced web. They are mainly used as fabric to embroidery, as a filter, used in medical arena and as an interlining of clothing.


  • Dry laid fabric: The main beneficial part of the fabrics is the isotropic structure of the web fabric material. The fibers can be voluminous thus they are composed of natural, synthetic glass, steel or carbon materials. Mainly used as a wiper, diapers for babies and for filtering purposes in wine making industry.


  • Wet laid: They are made by paper making process. The fibers are soaked in water for a while to be separated later to form uniform sheet fully bonded and dried. They are used to pack tea powder, used to wipe face and as Shingling and synthetic fiber paper.

You can order wholesale non-woven bags in bulk online at low rates. Usually the bags are made of superior quality PP material easy to customize as preferred by its buyers. The bags are classified in accordance to their cut types. Thus before ordering it is good to know the variants in the bag cut types.

Kinds of non woven bags based on cut types:

  • D cut bags: There aren’t any handles attached but can be easily used for a long time. Mainly used to carry items not quite heavy in weight.
  • W and U cut bags: Mostly commonly used to carry groceries.
  • Wooden handle bags: Usually, made of durable cloth material, best to carry heavy items.
  • Box type bags with strong handles: Quite popular carry bags provided by leading shopping centers as the bag have greater volume to place multiple kinds of stuff.

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