All You Need to Know About The 1960s Fashion

The 1960s has a great significance in the fashion industry. Yes, what you heard is absolutely true. It is during this decade people started experimenting with different types of outfits. In fact, they tried different styles and bold colors. It is during 60s that women have started wearing small skirts while men have chosen capes and tunics to look stylish.  Looks really interesting right! There is so much more to know about the 60s outfits and fashion trends. Have a look below to know about the popular fashion trends of 60s.

  • Mod Dresses – These mod dresses are extremely popular in 60s. In fact, these mod dresses are not only famous during 60s but also in the present days as well. Check the pictures of the popular actresses of 60s and you will find a lot of them wearing mod dresses in their movies. No doubt, you will definitely love that style.
  • Peplum Bikinis or swimsuits – Peplum bikini or swimsuit is also one of the famous outfits of 60s. There are a lot of designers who took this outfit as an inspiration and designed so many stylish bikinis.
  • Rounded Collar – Dresses with rounded collar looks extremely good on women. Pair this 60s style outfit with cool shades.
  • Shift Dresses – These 60s dresses look extremely beautiful and appealing. If you want to look pretty then do try these shift dresses.
  • Oversized Pearl Necklaces –These 60s style oversized pearl necklaces look great with any kind of outfit. These pearl necklaces look simply elegant.
  • Gloves: Most of the women preferred wearing either elbow or wrist length hand gloves which matched their outfit perfectly in the 60s. No doubt, wearing gloves can turn your overall look outstanding.
  • Oversized Sunglasses: Wearing oversized sunglasses was pretty common during 60s. A lot of people follow this fashion trend even today.
  • Head Scarves: You can find a lot of 60’s celebrities with head scarves and oversized sunglasses in their pictures. This combination really looks cool on women.
  • Calf High Socks: Wearing calf high socks with miniskirts is one of the popular 60s fashion trends.
  • Belted Styles: Wearing a belt around the waist on your dress is also one of the popular trends followed by women in 60s.

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