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The Best Artificial Urine Discovered

There are several brands of artificial urine out there that you can purchase, and they do work. Finding the best artificial urine is a breeze if you don’t get caught up in the outdated online reviews and marketing hype. You can find one at an affordable price too, but you have to be careful since you don’t want to fail your drug test.

In this article, you will find a guide to help you find the best artificial urine and you will also learn about how to use the best synthetic urine as well as how to prevent the problem of using fake urine that can cause you to fail a drug test. You will also learn about the top brands of artificial urine and other brands that are fake.

Synthetic Urine Brands Composition

Here are the things that the best synthetic urine brands have in common:

  • Uric acid
  • Urea
  • Correct pH range
  • Creatinine
  • Right specific gravity rage
  • Contains no biocide

There are fake urine brands that will have one or two of these components missing. Aside from the basics, artificial urine must have the other chemical components found in human urine. The top brands of artificial urine will contain all of these and so will lessen your chance of failing a drug test.

artificial urine

How to use artificial urine

It is pretty straightforward to use fake urine for drug test. Ensure you warm it and keep it within the range of temperature at which human urine leaves the body; anywhere between 90°F and 100°F. When you get the desired temperature, you can submit it.

Most drug tests go unsupervised;therefore, it is easy to sneak the fake sample in beneath your clothing and pour it in the sample container. Very simple and risk -free. However, if the drug test will be supervised then a detox drink is ideal or you may choose natural detox if you can manage that.

A heating pad comes with most brands of artificial urine. Since the heating pad is bulky, it will be harder to disguise it while you’re walking. There are specialized urine belts that can help, but be prepared to spend some extra money as this will add to your cost. And, heat pads are not as reliable as they make out to be unless you get a very good one.

Why Synthetic Urine Flunks

One reason that cause you to get caught when using fake urine for drug test is that most brands have a specific component. This component is biocide, which is a fake preservative. Biocide extends the shelf life of the fake pee and is found in several other products. Read more about biocide here.

Lab workers have caught on that biocide is present in many brands of artificial urine, so they are now testing for its presence. That makes it easy for them to identify and rule out a huge amount of fake pee.

Aside from the composition though, the primary reason for ruling out a sample is when it is submitted at the incorrect temperature. A majority of samples are submitted either when they’re too cold or too hot, which is indicating that the sample did not come from the human body.

Bad quality heat pads, the outside temperature, the inability toregulate the temperature when there is a delay, allthese are the reasons mostly, why the best fake urine fails. This leads to another problem where people who submit reviews will give a negative one. The truth reallyis that the sample failed due to the temperature when it was submitted.

Artificial Urine or Detox Drink?

When you compare artificial urine and detox drink there is really no contest between both as to which is better to help you pass a drug test. The best artificial urine will top the best detox drink every time. All you need to know is which is the best synthetic urine; use it properly and you are sure you will pass a drug test.

Notwithstanding, detox drink are great, but it comes with a larger margin of error and this makes it a chancier option. Detox drinks may not fully disguise the toxins, or long enough and this depends on the number of drug metabolites that are in your body, and if there has been enough time to detox or there is an interruption in submitting the sample. You could also get an inferior detox drink because there are many out there.

Detox drinks are best used when you are having a supervised drug test or if you don’t have the courage for the natural process.You can use a detox drink instead of synthetic urine, only when the drug test is supervised, or if you lack the courage to snitch the sample in, and you think you mayimplicate yourself.

To learn more about detox drinks and how it works, check this:

Which fakeurine reviews are reliable?

Most fake urine reviews often tell how great a specific brand is, but sometimes these reviews are outdated.  These reviews may not be correct if they don’t mention all the chemicals found in the fake pee.

There are some brands such UPass, Magnum, and Xstreamthat may not have all the correct ingredients and they may also have biocide.

Brands like Sub Solution along with an updated version in a premixed form, which is also called Quick Luck seems to be best in the market. The composition of these brands consists of the most complex formulas available in the current market and they do not require the use of a heating pad

What the Sub Solution and Quick Luck brand use is a heat activator powder.  With the heat activator powder, you can warm the fake urine by letting the powder agitate the heat. This means you can check the temperature before submitting it and you can add more powder if necessary, to warm it up. With this option you won’t have to worry about the heat pad failing.

One alternative is Quick Fix and although it’s not as complex,it uses a heating pad, but definitely is considered the best option of the rest. Quick Fix will help you pass the basic pre-employment drug test easily.

When you need to use an artificial urine, ensure you identify and use the best brand to help you pass a drug test.

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