Ideas for That Freed-Up Pool Space

Forsome reason, you’ve decided to get rid of that big pit of water in your yard. It can be anything under the Arizona sun: not enough nice days, maintenance costs outweigh the perks, or maybe you just got tired of looking at that old,unsightly pool. The thrill just isn’t there anymore.

However, after reaching out to your trusted local contractor to do a pool demolition in Scottsdale, you’re probably already thinking about what to do with all that space. Consider the elements when looking for inspiration for yard ideas.

Love the Earth

Landscaping is a good way to creatively use that large amount of space the pool used to occupy. Where others might see a wide clearing of dirt,you see a lavished garden. Try planting rows of beautiful flowers around the perimeter of the space. Add stylish seating for something to sit and enjoy the view. Finish off with an eye-catching koi pond in the middle,to create a lush, little hideaway of your own.

Light the Fire

If it hasn’t crossed your mind yet, that dirt-filled shape could become a picture-perfect place to start a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen. Master another element by smolderingthe embers of your relationships. Enjoy a cozy fire or barbequed meal with your family and friends duringa nice summer day, or chilly evening.What betterfiery replacement for your pool, then hosting outdoor parties.

Feel the Air

For some, the heat of a fire pit ormaintaining a garden isn’ttheir cup of tea. If this is you, go for the fresh-air feel that comes with the classic comfort of a patio or gazebo. It’s a place where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a refreshing breath of air,in style. For many homeowners,these amenitiesare the perfect mix of adding value and beauty to a property. It’s also one of the most effective options for rest and recuperation.

These are just 3 of the infinite choices you have for thatincredible amount of space you’ll be gainingin your backyard. If your decision is final, try asking neighborswho they used for pool demolition in Scottsdale. This is one way to make sure you’ll be hiring a contractor that’s reputable in your community, with anexcellent track record.

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