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What Can You Do When Accidents Happen?

Thankfully most people are born, grow old, and enjoy their entire life without needing to worry about what personal injury means. For the unfortunate few that are injured in negligent situations they may be forced to deal with lawyers, attorneys, judges and the whole American legal system in order to get compensation needed to live a normal life again.

What Is A Personal Injury Claim?

In America if you are injured in any way through another person, or any entity’s’, negligence, and that negligence can be proven, and proven to have been the direct (and rarely indirect) cause of your injury, you are able to take civil action through the courts in order to receive recompense. Generally, this is in the form of a monetary payment that will allow you to pay medical bills incurred, to cover any loss of income (or in the case of you being unable to work again, it may include loss of a potential income) or costs for modifications made to your life – for example having to add a ramp to your house if you are unable to walk easily as a result of the injury.

In each state the are different timeframes for how long you have to lodge a claim in court. In New Jersey you have up to two years to claim from the time of the incident. This is why it is a good idea to talk to your injury lawyer in NJ as soon as you can.

What Injury’s May Be Claimed Against?

There is no exhaustive list of what type of injury might result in you needing to bring a civil suit against someone, however there are a few types of occurrences that tend to be more common.

Slips and Falls

This may be one of the most common types of accident that results in injury. In order to say that your injury was the result of negligence you will need to be able to prove how the accident and resulting injury occurred. If a floor was left wet after cleaning with no warning, particularly at a time of day where it would be reasonable to assume that the floor was not going to be slippery, this might be cause. Or perhaps a handrail you were leaning on as you went down the stairs broke (see here), possibly due to lack of maintenance or even because it was not designed to support a full-grown adult, this would likely be cause.

would likely be cause


Injuries within the construction industry is unfortunately not uncommon, it is a risky busy despite all the safety precautions that are taken accidents still happen. However, if you are not in the construction industry you might be quite surprised to be injured because of a construction related industry. Often related to personal injuries that might be considered to be a slip or fall, as it seems construction injuries that happen to the general public are more often caused by uneven ground, debris or holes that have be left exposed and unmarked.

Another way that you may be injured through construction as a member of the public is through falling objects. A simple screw or nail falling from a great height can cause significant damage to the soft human body if it lands in the wrong place.

Personal Injury Is More Than Just Money

There is often a misconception that personal injury litigation is all about how much money someone can get, but it is not.

If you have seen the safety mesh that is generally found covering scaffolding at a building site, you will see the result of the construction industry trying to minimize the risk to either the public or their crews. This covering helps to prevent falls from workers but also helps to stop the public being injured by objects falling. It can also reduce the amount of dust and debris that would otherwise shower the public below.

The signs that cleaners generally put out when the floor is wet warning people that the surface may be slippery are designed to help prevent slips and falls.

Although there is nothing unreasonable about wanting your expenses covered when someone else’s negligence has caused your predicament, the very process can also lead to great improvements in health and safety that benefit all of society.

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