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Disadvantages of Using Flavored CBDOil

To most people, CBD flavored CBD oil has so far helped them deal with so many problems, especially health problems they were having, for instance. Most people who had sleeping problems preferred the oil due to its ability to make them fall and remain asleep for longer. To some, CBD oil has been such an excellent and reliable pain reliever.

However, CBD oil, especially in its flavored form, has had some recorded cases of disadvantages. Most people who used the substance were able to solve whichever problem they were having but were at the same time or later able to notice some changes on their bodies which they attributed to the use of  CBD oils. Below we look at some of those negative changes.

  • Dizziness

According to some users, after using CBD oils, they felt a little bit dizzy, which was not normal. They then attributed this condition to the use of flavored CBD oil. The users complained about getting unusually giddy a situation they had not experienced.

Doctors went ahead to confirm that yes, indeed the consistent use of CBD oils might in some ways cause dizziness. Even though the problem was not that serious, it was worth noting especially for those people who wanted to avoid getting dizzy for various reasons.

  • Dry Lips

Another acute observation that got made after continuous intake of CBD oil was that it cased individuals to end up with severely dry lips. Although scientists are still working on trying and finding out exactly how this happens and the best way possible to deal with the problem, it is still a menace to most CBD oil users.

  • Reduced urination

Although this condition does not manifest itself in so many people, it is also one of the challenges of using CBD oils, especially the flavored form.  Evidence collected from a few individuals proved that there was a connection between reduced urination and the use of CBD oils.

Even though the research is yet to come up with the right solution to dealing with this particular problem, it has proved its existence.

  • Reduced appetite

Another serious problem of using flavored CBD oils is being unable to have any desire in some incidents. The lack of a petite also got recorded as a standard feature among the individuals using CBD oils. Some users confirmed after using the oils that they started experiencing low appetite levels.

Upon further inquiry and research, it got found that this was a problem that got brought about by the rapid use of flavored CBD oils.

Even the flavored CBD oil users enjoyed a wide range of benefits; they expressed their disappointment in the manner in which the use of flavored CBD oils left them feeling about appetite.

  • Liver problems

In some extreme cases, some users got diagnosed with liver problems. Scientists carried out various tests and concluded that the problem could not have come from somewhere else apart from the use of flavored CBD oils.


Whereas most people may prefer to use flavored CBD oil. It is important to note that its use is sometimes harmful to the body. The health conditions mentioned above are just but a few of the problems that get brought about by the use of flavored CBD oils.

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