Finding the Best Second Home for Your Fur Babies

Pets are the only source of unconditional love. In our fast paced life, having a pet can be the most rewarding experience ever. It could also be the most demanding job too. However, here is good news. We now have facilities called pet daycares that are good for our pooches, felines and smaller exotic pets and birds alike.

These facilities can share your responsibility as they shelter your pets when you must take up that important official trip or when you wish for a relaxing holiday out of your country. Canine County Club and Feline Inn is one such facility where your pet’s comfort and fun is their priority. With pet daycare Phoenix & Tempe you can be at peace that your pets are in the right hands when you are away.

What to look for in a Pet day-care facility?

The first quality to look for is professionalism. The facility should have a regime and strictly adhere to certain rules. This way, we can be sure that the place is safe, secure and free from communicable disease causing pathogen and parasites.

  • It should have a regular deep cleaning routine, disinfection should be done daily.
  • Health check for every newly admitted pet should be done.
  • Proof of vaccination should be verified at the time of admission
  • Knowledgeable friendly and loving staff should monitor our pets

Things to do before you finalise the day-care facility for your pet

  • Take a tour of the facility and visit all the places personally.
  • Check the attitude of the staff with your pets.
  • Ask for a trial period before you can opt for their regular plans.
  • Talk to the caretakers about your pet.

If you have specific needs and preferences for your pets, like a medical condition, medications to be provided to them, if your pet is allergic to something and if so any foods, things or other conditions to be avoided, if your pet doesn’t particularly like other animals, tell all these to the person in charge.

These conditions should be discussed in detail and should be understood and agreed to make sure that your pet has pleasant stay at the facility. Additionally, it ensures peace to both, the pet owner and for people who run the facility.

Benefits of having a second home to your pet

Apart from the obvious reason of providing care and supervision to your pets while you are away, there are a host of benefits in a good pet care facility, like

  • A place and a way to socialise for pets
  • Play and exercise needs are met simultaneously
  • Pets can be trained here
  • You pet picks up better habits and routine
  • Some strange pet behaviour are understood and explained as they are monitored by knowledgeable, trained and experienced team of animal lovers.

With the options of day-care and holiday homes for your pets, every pet lover can now become a pet parent too. Happy pet parenting along with guilt free indulgence in other aspects of your life!


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