Are hard money loans the answer?

Safe method

Tired of dealing with the difficult application process of a traditional mortgage? Go for hard money loans, a fantastic alternative. It is easy to use, quick, and risk-free loans with no paperwork or stack of delays putting obstacles in front of you. Whenever you’re looking for Land Loans in Tucson, Phoenix, these hard money loans should be your go-to method. It’s safe to say that you won’t be disappointed.


Most used to bridge financial gaps, and this Land Loan does not depend on the borrower’s creditworthiness, instead it does on the collateral value for approval. It is mostly used in commercial real estate(offices, retail, storage, and multi-family) along with residential investment properties and construction. It helps close on a farm, safeguard the investment, and provide the user additional time to safeguard conventional long-term financing.

Terms of loan and ease of use

Unconcerned by the borrower’s credit history and score, hard money lenders give out their land loans by looking only at the property’s worth as the loan is, in fact, secured by the property alone, which would easily allow the lenders to regain their money in case of a default. Get the offer within a few days and even as early as 24 hours from the lender. The terms are also very flexible for these land loans. Starting from 6 months to terms as long as 24 months. The process is fast and easy, with rates as low as 9.9%. Additional cost involves only a $900 document fee for a six-month term, and the borrower doesn’t have to worry about any hidden costs whatsoever.


Dedicated to providing the most efficient land loan service from Tucson to Flagstaff and beyond, Capital Fund 1 assures that you are being dealt with by the safest hands possible. There’s nothing to stress about when you’re backed by Capital Fund 1. With 100+ years of experience, Capital Fund 1 can easily identify a safe investment when it comes to them, and if they’re willing to fund, you can be assured that you won’t be having any regrets later on. Either it’s for funding a fix and flip, investing in a commercial property or residential rental income property, you can get the loan according to your need. Having second thoughts about these land loans tucson, phoenix? Just know that they’ve done it before and know what you should be doing or not.

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