Few Admission Requirements of Auburn University

Nowadays, admission to any college of Auburn university has become quite competitive as candidates from various parts of the country as well as from other countries try to seek admission in various colleges.

Admission for any course will be decided by the respective Dean of the college based on the score obtained by the candidate calculated on auburn GPA calculator.

The local candidates are required to submit their application before 45 days of the start of the course while international candidates need to submit their application before 90 days.

Admission notices will be given in the bulletin of the Auburn University where the deadlines for submitting the applications will also be notified.

Usually, various colleges of any particular university decide about the admission dates several months in advance. Hence, the candidates must regularly check the bulletin to know the documents required to submit along with their applications.

Following are few of the general requirements for taking admission to Auburn University. Based on the department where you are applying, you need to consult them in case there is any additional requirement.

  • Candidate must have a bachelor degree from any accredited university or college
  • If the department needs Graduate Record Exam known as GRE or any other general test to check the eligibility of the candidate
  • In order to get admission in Finance, Management or Business administration course, one needs to clear Graduate Management Admission Test which is known as GMAT.
  • International candidates who are interested to take admission need to clear another exam called Test of English as a Foreign Language called TOFEL. This test is available in paper, computer and online versions.
  • Score required for paper version of TOFEL is 550, computer version of TOFEL is 213 and internet version of TOFEL is 79 respectively.
  • In addition to that candidates who are successful in above test must also score minimum 16 marks for speaking, listening, reading and writing on internet version of TOFEL.
  • For international English Language Testing System which is called IELTS exam, Auburn university will accept candidate who can score 6.5
  • Letter of recommendation will be needed by individual department and candidate may enquire from the Department about its details
  • International students seeking admission has to provide financial sponsorship, medical insurance proof and also an official statement about his financial condition.
  • All the credit scores obtained in the previous courses.
  • International candidates also need to submit the certificates of his past qualification in English language format
  • Domestic students need to submit a fee of $60 and international candidate need to submit a fee of $70.
  • Following candidates are eligible for fee waiver:
  1. Graduates from Auburn university
  2. Full-time employees of Auburn university
  3. Scholars of Ronald McNair
  4. A&M feeder program of Florida
  5. GEM candidates
  6. Active duty military personnel
  7. Applicant for dual program

All your applications must be supported with necessary proof in original

Finally, the office of Dean of the college will approve your candidature and allow you admission to the concerned college. He has got the authority to accept, or refuse admission.

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