How You Are Going to Be Evaluated If You Apply for College Transfer?

After taking admission in a particular college, you may discover that you have entered into a wrong institution, which may not be very conducive to your future expectations.

In all such case, there is another opportunity available to you where you may get yourself transferred to a new college of your choice. However, such transfer of college may not be so smooth and straightforward.

You will have to face similar challenges that you have already gone through and on top of that transfer of colleges may involve a lot of confusion and have to through time consuming process.

Besides that, college transfer acceptance rates of most of the good colleges are very low and therefore the challenges can be even tougher than you have faced in the first place.

Let us discuss in brief on how you are going to be evaluated by a new college administration when you apply for transfer.

  • Your performance at the present college

Performance at your present college will be the main point of consideration. The new college administration will be most interested to know about your present grade.

They want to ensure that you have a merit for your candidature and can certainly show better performance at your new college too.

They will also try to see what kind of subjects you have chosen and whether they are tough subject or not.

Besides looking at your academic performance they would also like to know about your other extra-curricular activities and your performance in them.

  • Your performance while you were in the high school

The next thing the new college administration will be interested to see is how you performed during your high school level of study. Your high school result still carries a lot of weight for your transfer of college.

High school performance will matter less in case you have spent a number of years in the college and in that case your current performance in the college will carry more weight.

If you have been participating in various extracurricular activities earlier and now you have dropped them then questions can be asked about the reason.

The essay that you will write about your reason for transfer

You must understand that to get transferred to any new college is quite tough and acceptance rate of most good colleges are very low. Therefore, you have a chance to increase your acceptance rate by writing a good essay.

The essay should state clearly your reason for transfer who should be very valid and convincing.

Often a candidate can be selected or rejected on the basis of the reasons stated by the student in the essay.

Therefore, writing a good essay is very important for your success.

  • Letters of recommendation

Letter of recommendation can be a great arsenal for you and if you have got good letter of recommendation from your previous school or college then it can play an important role too.

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