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Refurbish Your Home and Make It Look Brand-New Using Rendering

The skin of the house is referred as cladding. It is the outer layer that protects the building from other elements and beautifies the appearance of the building. Rendering is one of the popular options for enhancing the appearance of the house. In exterior house rendering, an external wall covering with a smooth surface is applied to the exteriors of the house.

Benefits of rendering:

  • Weather-proofs the building: Rendering a house weatherproofs the underlying brickwork. Regardless of the current condition of the brickwork, water won’t be able to seep through the walls. It serves as a protective barrier.
  • Energy-efficient: Rendering makes the building more energy-efficient. The external walls are responsible for 30% loss of energy used to heat a home.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Over-time the bricks look tatty and give the house a dull/old appearance. Rendering gives your house a face-lift.

Only if the house rendering is done correctly by an experienced professional, you get to experience the above benefits. If you are looking for reputable companies offering house rendering services in Sydney, contact Zaks Render. They are one of the leading service providers for house rendering in the area with great customer reviews.

Get in touch with their team and discuss the various options available. There are various types of renders available. Professionals would help in determining which one works for your house. The popular options available are:

Acrylic render: It can be applied on most surfaces including painted masonry, brick, fiber, cement, uneven concrete and plasterboard. They are available in many vibrant colors and applied generally as a thin finish coat to elevate the appearance of the existing coat. It is inexpensive but it won’t allow air to get to the bricks.

Cement render: This uses any general-purpose cement and requires two to three coats. It is very popular because of its sustainability. The cost of materials is cheap but since more coats are needs, the cost of labor tends to go up. You would have to repaint it frequently to maintain the smooth look.

Mineral render: Unlike acrylic this is breathable and involves quick drying time. It is durable, impact resistant and falls in the mid-price range. It is recommended for deflecting rain water and areas exposed to mechanical damage.

Monocouche render: This is the newest addition in the market and requires just one coat making it less labor intensive. The materials employed are expensive but there is little maintenance and no repainting involved.

Cost of house rendering:

The price varies depending on the reputation of the chosen rendering business, expertise/skill set of the professional, surface area of rendering, difficulty level of access (upper-floors) etc.  Rendering doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. It is fairly labor-intensive. Typically, it costs over $43 per square feet and there are additional costs for stripping existing render.

Renders are designed to last for a long duration – typically 25 to 30 years. It is a long-term investment. Choose a reputable rendering business so that you get your money’s worth.

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