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Aftercare of Your Dental Implants That You Must Know

Most of the Americans usually lose at least 12 teeth by the time they reach 50 years of age and therefore will need dental implant.

Therefore, we are providing the aftercare tips of tooth implant in the following paragraphs that every person with implant must know.

Keep both your mouth as well as dental implant clean

  • Success of your oral surgery will depend upon keeping your mouth perfectly clean.
  • Besides that, you must also keep all other teeth clean by using your toothbrush on the same day of surgery however avoid those portions where surgery was done for few days. As soon as tenderness is reduced you must start cleaning that area too.
  • It will be very useful to wash your mouth using lukewarm saltwater in the first week. However, ensure that water is not too hot.

Things to avoid after implant treatment

  • Till the local anesthesia is present take only cold drinks and avoid eating foods. Never eat any hot drinks and foods on the very first day.
  • Avoid disturbing the operated area with your finger or tongue
  • During initial 48 hours avoid any strenuous exercise.
  • Till the wound is healed you must avoid smoking
  • Avoid taking food from the surgical side and also rinse the area after eating foods.

Can we expect any swelling or bruising near the implant?

  • Yes, there will bruising and swelling on that area which will go to its peaks after 2 to 3 days, and after few days it will automatically subside. You may use an ice pack for swelling area which will be wrapped in towel
  • Try to hold the icepack for 10 minutes maximum after giving a break of 29 minutes.
  • After 24 hours a gentle heat can be useful
  • Try to sleep by propping up on 2 or 3 pillows

How painful will it be after my implant procedure?

  • Pain will remain for few days which is inevitable and therefore your doctor will advise you to take a pain killer, which you need to take during initial 2 days as per the prescribed dose.
  • If you experience severe pain even after 2 to 3 days then you must visit the dentist once again

Can I wear the denture after the treatment?

  • In case your denture covers the area of operation, then wear it as minimum as possible during the first week for protecting the surgical area during your initial healing period. At night, you must always leave your denture out.

What about various stitches around my implant?

  • All these stitches are dissolvable however they may remain for initial 2 to 3 weeks. You may contact your dentist if you find them too comfortable.
  • Minor bleeding will be there after surgery which is absolutely normal. If it persists, then apply pressure with biting firmly over that area on dampened gauze swab for 60 minutes while sitting upright.
  • Take all the antibiotics that was prescribed to complete their course.

It will be important to follow all the above instructions very carefully. You should never hesitate to contact the dentist if you have any concerns or queries regarding your progress.

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