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Steps to Prevent the Spread of Germs While Coughing and Sneezing

It is hygiene etiquette to involve practices that help prevent the spread of infection. This becomes necessary when you sneeze or cough, especially when you are sick. Serious respiratory problems like SARS, influenza and Corona spread by coughing and sneezing and touching objects, which are polluted with your hands.

Use of Masks

Using of either procedure masks with ear loops or surgical masks with tie, helps prevent the spread of virus by containing the secretions of sneeze or cough. The corona virus spreads easily through the droplets when the patient coughs or sneezes or even talks.

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How to stop germs spreading

Use tissues when you cough and sneeze and throw the tissue in waste basket. If you don’t have tissues you can use your upper sleeve while coughing or sneezing instead of using your palms.

Wash your hands with soap and water every time after dealing with respiratory discharges. You can also use alcohol sanitizers if you don’t have access to water. Every time you touch a contaminated thing, wash your hands either with soap or alcohol-based hand rubs.

When you are sick, keep distancing from others so that you don’t spread the infection. And try to avoid close contact with people who are sick.

How Far the Germs Travel

We might not have bothered this much when someone sneeze or cough in public without covering their mouth. However, after coronavirus, with thousands of people dying, everyone should take the responsibility of preventing the spread of the disease.

The droplets that come out when you sneeze or cough can travel more than six feet depending on the size of the droplet and when people inhale these, they get affected by illness like flu, cold, and corona.

There are some diseases that spread through air. For example, tuberculosis, chickenpox. The germs, that comes out when the affected person coughs or sneezes or talks, are alive in the air for some time and affects the person who breathe that contaminated air.

However, studies show that flu can affect people in either of these ways. Even corona virus is suspected to be alive for few hours in the air. Further, it is suspected that corona virus is alive for hours to days depending on various materials like, copper, plastic and stainless steel. So, you should be aware not to touch any of these surfaces that may contain the virus.

Based on some researches using high speed video recording, scientists have come to a conclusion that the germs in the droplets of a sneeze or cough can travel up to 2.5 meters horizontally and 20 feet vertically through air.

Since corona virus is a new one, studies are being on the beginning level. Scientists have found that this virus is alive in the air for about 2.7 hours.

Through mouth or nose, virus in the spray or the droplets, travels easily to the lungs and causes severe respiratory problems. To save you from this deadly disease, wear a mask and encourage everyone the same. Stay home, stay safe. Use mask when you go public.

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