Few Pro Stoner Tips That Any Beginners Should be Aware of

Whether you are a regular stoner or a pro-stoner, one day you too were a beginner and after hanging out with many of your smoking friends you have turned into a stoner.

In this write up, we are providing you few tips to use your gravity bong.

1. Avoid sitting on blunt/joint

Beginners often mistakenly sit on their blunt, which just means that they will start spacing out or tell others that they are holding blunt or joint, but that may be extremely aggravating due to:

  • Your joint will need lighting again  
  • It will waste supplies

Better pass it and then continue with your story

2. Be ready for cotton mouth

After smoking, typically your mouth may become extremely dry, and you will start feeling as if your mouth has turned into cotton because of dryness in your mouth and the way you are smoking will change your saliva.

Therefore, beginners must always be ready with a glass of water or some other drinks nearby before smoking.

3. Don’t worry of your eyes turning red

Often a beginner starts worrying when they suddenly notice in the bathroom mirror that their eyes have turned red after a hit. There is nothing to worry, as a drop of Visine can provide you relief.

4. Save roaches 

Saving little bit of crumbs somewhere can be an effective way to ensure that you are really using as less as possible, so that you will always have something left when time comes.

5. Stop, relax and forget your paranoia

We may have our brief paranoia moments, but it can become totally annoying over time to deal with if any friends of yours get paranoid constantly. 

Often, this may lead to people stop smoking with you. Therefore, don’t try to be that type, and learn how to tame paranoia.  

6. Don’t be stingy

You must try to share the weeds with others too instead of taking only from others. Sooner or later your friends will be able to notice you and avoid your company. 

Don’t try to be so stingy with others but try to share with others as much as possible.

7. Invest in high quality piece

Usually most of the beginners try to buy the cheapest item that he can find for smoking out, which may result in:

  • Burning noses/fingers as the piece maybe too small
  • Piece may break before using it
  • Cleaning of smoking devices becomes impossible 
  • Pieces may have very short life

So, prefer to choose something that is of better quality.

8. Avoid coughing in the bong

While for many beginners it is unavoidable, but you must remember that this can totally ruin your smoking session.

9. Avoid getting your herbs wet

This is unhealthy for people to smoke, and may ruin the smoking experience.

10. Avoid passing someone cashed bowl

Attempting to avoid passing a cashed bowl can be a little difficult for beginners to identify and that you may not want to accidentally smoke a bowl, which has still smokable herb present in it.

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