Use Your Headlights While Driving During Nights

One of the biggest challenges a new driver may face is while driving at night with headlights turned on. During dark hours, you need to get used to adjusting your sight properly to see everything on the road that is before you.

In order to adjust your view, you may have to adjust your headlights in order to suit environment where you are driving.

While learning your driving lessons Deer Park, most of you must have learnt your driving in the daylight. So, there will be little amount of challenge, while driving your car during night for the first time.

Using your head and tail lights

During night driving, headlights will help you to view the road ahead of you. Headlights and your tail lights will help others passer-by to see you. You need to turn on your head and tail lights between the sunset and sunrise. Also, in hazardous conditions, they must be on, if there is reduced amount of visibility.

High-beam headlights

If your headlights are on with high-beam then it will enable you to view even further. However, such light may dazzle any oncoming driver, and hence you should ‘dip’ them as low-beam when any other vehicles are within 200 metres.

Also, you must dip high-beam headlights, while driving within 200 M behind another vehicle.

Do not get dazzled by high-beam

You must look to your left side of road and try to drive towards left lane, if any car with headlights of high-beam is approaching. In case, you get dazzled by strong lights, then slow down and try to pull over till your eyes is recovered.

Fog lights

During fog or rain, you can use your rear and front fog lights or also when conditions of smoke and dust limit your vision. As per legal requirement, once conditions get improved and you are able to see more clearly, and then rear and front fog lights can be switched off.

In case, your vehicle has no fog-lights fitted then you can use your headlights also during the day under such adverse conditions.

Running lights during daytime

Any daytime running light will be a lighting device fitted on the front side of the vehicle or bicycle, that gets automatically switched on, while vehicle is moving ahead, emitting yellow, white or amber light for increasing the complicity of the vehicle particularly during daylight conditions.

Following are few tips to use effectively your headlights:

  1. Keep your headlights always on at low rather than full beam, when any other vehicle is coming towards you. Also, when you are following closely any other vehicle.
  2. If any vehicle is approaching you with full beam lights, use white line on the left for guidance rather than looking at light or trying to look at centreline.
  3. In case headlights are too intense and blinding you from back through your rear-view mirror, then you can flick knob underneath to adjust it.
  4. Try to switch on the headlights immediately after dark hours and it is much better to be earlier than late.

Whenever you are driving, turn on your headlights 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before the sunrise.

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