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Learn How to Hire the Right Plumber

Knowing how to hire a right and experienced plumber is not an easy task, even small leaks can turn into considerable issues and makes you spend on expensive repair work.

Wilco Plumbing is one such renowned and trusted company having rich experience of more than 65 years. It ensures you high-quality plumbing solutions and services at affordable price. It is a licensed and insured company having highly qualified and experienced plumbers that guaranteed plumbing fixes in the shortest duration of time.

Skills a plumber need

  • Performing plumbing repair such as fixing blockages
  • Repair or replace toilets and faucets
  • Install or repair gas lines, valves, and pumps
  • Work with different types of plumbing systems
  • Consider aesthetics and environmental efficiency

Plumbing training levels

  • Apprentice plumber

An apprentice plumber works under the supervision of experienced plumbers. He works in a training program under-skilled worker and therefore have multiple opportunities to learn the best possible techniques and skills.

  • Journeyman plumber

A journeyman plumber is the one who has an experience of 4-5 years as an apprentice plumber to become a journeyman plumber. These are experts regarding fittings and plumbing fixes.

  • Master plumber

They are highly experienced and skilled individuals. Apart from plumbing aspects, they are well known for their business management and related subjects.

Things to know before hiring a plumber

  • Licensed or non-licensed plumber

This is probably the most important question you should know before hiring a plumber. The plumber you are hiring should have a proper license number so that you can easily verify the legitimacy of the plumber.

  • Total cost

You should ask for a written estimation from your plumber and do not forget to ask if the price quoted is the total cost. All parts and labor should be included and there won’t be any other hidden cost.

  • Guaranteed work

The plumber you are hiring should be skilled and experienced enough to provide you with guaranteed work within the shortest possible duration of time.

  • Bonded and insured

You need to ensure that the plumber you hired is bonded and has the apt insurance policy to cover the accidents which might occur while working on the project. Never hire a non-licensed plumber.

  • Other local references

Your plumber should be able to provide you other references including the names of some of the satisfied customers who he has worked for earlier.

  • Background check and screening

The plumber you are hiring, you will be letting into your house with your family and your possessions. Make sure your plumber had a proper screening and a proper background check before you allow him to enter into your house.

  • Skills and experiences

Make sure your plumber is highly skilled and experienced to work with any kind of plumbing system. He should be from an insured and trusted company. He should be able to provide you high-quality plumbing services and solutions at affordable rates.


If you are looking for hiring a plumber to get your work done then you should know the above-mentioned things to bring off your repair work of any complexity in the shortest possible duration.

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