Various Ways To Sell Your Ringtones Online

Music has become an important part of our lives today. You hardly come across anyone who doesn’t listen to music or has not set any of their favorite songs as the ringtone of their phone. Artists put in a lot of effort to create music and make it reach to you. Selling music or ringtones through the digital platform has become quite common practice nowadays.

MusicDigi is an excellent digital store to sell music online.  They will help in distributing your music to all the popular music stores that will help in the promotion too. It also aids in selling ringtones easily. You will have copyright and will be paid every month. They offer you the best services and assure 100% customer satisfaction.

How to sell your ringtones online?

  • A legal and ethical approach

Many content sellers thrive by selling other people’s work. However, some merchants provide service according to your demand and earn through them. When you sell ringtones of other artists, there is always a potential threat of getting caught and undergoing several legal liabilities. You do not have any kind of copyright on other’s works.

Also if you try to maintain a low profile to stay protected from detection, this is harmful to you. It will reduce your earning capability. It is your loss only. So try to sell ringtones legally and in a manner that your reputation is maintained in the market.

  • Independent artists

It is not a must that you have to be a renowned musician first to enter the sell and purchase market of music. If you are an independent artist who is capable of providing several other digital services along with selling ringtones, you are always welcome to do that. The ringtones are normally 15 seconds.

So to leave a great impact and attract customers you need to select the most impressive lyrics or tune that can be set for the ringtone. Think about what users will like the most and then execute your plans. Also, take the help of distributors to sell ringtones.

  • Create a website

Making good use of the eCommerce platform is a smart move nowadays. You can create an impressive website for selling your ringtones and provide all the information. You should provide every detail regarding the procedure of payment, delivery, and shipping charges. Use good tools to amplify the presentation of your website.

Try to have access to the best marketing tools that will prove out to be highly beneficial for your business. The website should be able to provide access to features like content hosting.

Many platforms provide different methods to sell ringtones online. One of the methods is as follows:

  • Beginner: At this stage, your ringtones will be sold for free and the distributor will keep 55% of your revenue.
  • Independent: The distributor will keep 80% of your revenue if you earn $20 per ringtone yearly.
  • Reseller: The distributor will keep 90% of your revenue if you earn $35 annually per ringtone.


These techniques will help you in the promotion of your music and ringtones. These are a great way of selling your ringtones.

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