How You Must Lay a Slate on the Slate Roof?

Most homeowners prefer to have slate roofs in their house as these are considered to be the best among all other types of roof materials available today. Though installing a slate roof may cost a lot of money, but the appeal that you can get from slate roofs is beyond any comparison. Usually, those homes having slate roofs have higher value.

You must always prefer a professional company like NSW Slate Roofing PTY Ltd, whenever you plan to install or repair your slate roofing. In this small article, we shall briefly tell you how to lay slate on the roof.

  1. Safety

Firstly, you need to learn how to handle these slate material. Since slates are highly a fragile material, they need to be handled with great care. You need to learn the safety procedure of handling such material beforehand.

When you begin your work with slate roofing, you must think about various protection measures that you must take such as scaffolding. It is necessary to keep your ladder fixed firmly near the roof.

Make sure that someone must be there to hold your ladder. You must also wear a proper safety dress, footwear, gloves, and hard hats. Your shoe must have rubber soles.

2. Underlay

Next, you must learn about the under-laying procedure. As the rafters are fixed in their place, so first you have to roll out for securing your underlay. You can start from one side of your roof, by ensuring that the underlay is properly laying flush against the verge.

Then, you must roll it out keeping along the roof length. Nail your other end by keeping a slack between the rafters. If needed then you can also nail it in its place along the middle, but this may not be necessary. Keep on repeating till this section of your slate roof is fully covered.

3. Battens

Now you have to figure out the location where to fix the first battens by using 2 fully-sized slates and another one under the eaves slate.

The next batten will then take the very first row of your eaves course, then line up with the tails together and then place your next batten where holes appear in your first slate and then fix into position.

The amount of slate lap needed to accommodate will be specified by the slate roof manufacturer, which is an important thing to remember. To batten out, your remaining slate roof, use a proper gauge supplied.

4. Setting out to lay the slates

The basic key to decide how you can slate a roof will be to learn about how you can set everything out in a correct manner. You may start by striking a chalk line right from the eaves and to the ridge and then to the width of almost every slate by allowing 5mm for joint in between each of the slate, on to the battens.

Continue the setting, flashing over each pair of your hip slate’s top. You can install hip slates without cutting.  For quick installation put all the slates in pairs and not one side at a single time

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